I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist as well as state, national, & world bodybuilding champion. This discipline has carried over to my work ethic in working with various clients. I have 20 years experience in the fitness industry. I train people of all levels from beginner-advanced as well as people of all ages. I design customized fitness programs based on your fitness goals. I also develop customized holistic nutrition plans based on your weight, bodyfat percentage, and activity level. There is no one size fits all plan! You need an individual nutritional plan based on your goal whether it is weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, or contest preparation. I can help you get to your goal whatever it is but it is not just diet and exercise. It is about changing your mindset. You have to be positive and believe you can reach your goals. Come train with me & you will see! And if you are not nearby, I can also assist you with your fitness goals online. I have helped many people get to their goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Competition History
(Bodybuilding):2001 NPC Natural NY State-1st place (HW)2001 NPC Natural Eastern Classic-2nd place (HW)2002 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States-1st place (MW) & Overall2002-Musclemania Superbody-1st place & Overall2002 NBI NY State Championships-1st place (Open short class)2003-Musclemania Superbody-2nd place2003 NPC Team Universe-5th place (MW)2006-Musclemania Superbody-1st place & Overall2006 NPC Team Universe-6th place (HW)2007 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Championships-3rd place (MW)2007 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding Championships-2nd place (MW)2007 NPC Nationals-16th place (LHW) 2008 NPC Nationals-13th place (MW)2009 NPC Team Universe-5th place (MW) 2015 NPC Atlantic States, Women's Physique Open & Masters 9th place, 2015 NPC Universe, Women's Physique Open Class A 13th place, Masters Over 35A 10th place 2016 NPC Atlantic States-Women's Physique 2nd place Master Over 35 & 5th place Open
2016 NPC Universe--Women's Physique Open A & Master's Over 35A--7th place
2017 NPC Ultimate Physique Championships--Women's Bodybuilding 1st place & overall, Women's physique Open Class A 1st place & Master's 35 & Over 2nd place
2017 NPC Master's Nationals--Women's bodybuilding heavyweight 6th place 35 & over, 3rd place 40 & over
Women's physique--9th place 35 & Over, 7th place 40 & over

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