Janelle simply has a special gift. She has the incredible ability to get people to achieve their health and fitness goals that were once a mere dream. Change is scary and breaking a cycle of unhealthy eating can be difficult but Janelle has made it so easy to get it done and see nothing but positive results. Every week I saw my body changing and my clothes getting looser and looser.  Her uplifting attitude and energy is nothing less than contagious and she makes you want to stay on track with your nutrition plan and workouts. Janelle’s nutrition plans are extremely easy to follow and trust me you will not be hungry on it. I thought if I wanted to lose weight, I would have to cut my calories but I was so wrong. I eat way more than I have ever eaten before (healthier foods of course) and I have been consistently losing 1-2 pounds a week for 6 months now. Something that I truly love most about Janelle is that she doesn’t take the credit for your hard earned achievements like many other trainers or nutritionists tend to do. She constantly lets you know that you are doing amazing, looking great and to keep up the good work. She has just as much heart as she does muscle. She is there for you every single step of the way. I consider myself so lucky to be apart of team G- Physique and if you are tired of trying to live a healthier lifestyle on your own and finally want to get the results that you have been wanting, Janelle is hands down the girl to go to. 6 months ago at 165 pounds, I would never have thought that today I would be standing in the mirror seeing my abs pop out at 129 pounds and 11% body fat. Thank you so much Janelle for not only changing my physique but my overall happiness.


Starting off I would like to say thank you so much for not only your support, but the  encouragement and knowledge you passed on to me.  I decided 6 months ago that I wanted to challenge myself and compete in the 2013 NPC Eastern Championships.  I was doing this all by myself and without any real knowledge of competing let alone bodybuilding. I myself have been a trainer and worked in many gyms in the fitness industry, but as the date got closer this challenge became overwhelming. When I was five weeks out my friend told me to just call Janelle and see how she can guide me the right way. I was emotional and scared, but after our first phone call she had my spirits lifted again and from then on it was game time!  Being that close to a show most trainers would not accept someone new because it’s hectic, but Janelle took me on without any questions. She has so much knowledge and passion for what she does and as someone always told me you must love what you do and she is a prime example. The day of the show was an absolute mix of emotions and I along with many others was competing for the first time. Janelle went above and beyond for her clients that day and I will say to anyone I couldn’t have done it without her. I did not place very high, but I did it. I got on that stage and gave everything I could. I’m proud to call Janelle my trainer and also my friend.  I am eager and excited to keep this going and wouldn’t trust anyone else but Janelle to help with my upcoming shows.


Janelle was an outstanding coach to work with. She was always available when I needed her whether for support or a question about prep. She helped me through my 12-week prep of my first show adjusting my meal plan to work best with my body. Janelle guided me to a first place win in Novice and second place in Open, leading to a qualification for Nationals. At my show, she was extremely supportive and was back stage with me guiding me and getting me ready to step on stage. I could see her excitement in the audience from stage. I am excited to work with Janelle again for my journey to Nationals. I appreciate everything she did for me and helped me with!


My name is Denise; I am a 45 year old mother of two, Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor.  After working in the industry for 6 years I decided I wanted to compete in a NPC Bodybuilding Competition.  After researching coaches in my area, I found Janelle Gallo-Riegger, a trainer with a great reputation, experience, and highly recommended. My journey began 1 year ago, when Janelle first decided given my genetics and body type, the bikini division would be the best place for me to compete.  Janelle developed 2 diet and strength programs for me.  Phase one was for “muscle building” which I followed for approximately 20 weeks and achieved great results.  The second phase was the actual “contest prep” which started about 16 weeks out from the first show date.  This is where I started to lose body fat while retaining my hard earned muscle.  I met with Janelle every week to practice posing for the stage.  She watched my progress very closely and adjusted my diet and training depending on my personal progress.  She always conducted herself in a professional manner but at the same time made the sessions fun so that I was always looking forward to them and excited to go.Janelle chose two NPC shows for me.  The first show was The Long Island Bodybuilding Championships this past May 31st and the second was The NPC Garden State Championships in New Jersey one week later, on June 7th.  The Long Island show was intended as a warm-up and I placed 6th out of 14 in the Open Bikini Class D.  One week later I placed 1st in the Masters (35 and older) Bikini Class B division. Janelle was with me literally every step of the way.  She traveled with me to New Jersey and was extremely supportive and motivating.  She went above and beyond just being a coach; she was my mentor and friend.  Looking back I cannot think of anyone I would have wanted besides Janelle to guide and support me through this.  It was an experience of a lifetime.  Janelle’s individualized program gave me the confidence and “stage readiness” that I needed.  She was always available and had tons of patience.  She consistently answered all of my questions in a timely manner no matter how trivial they may have seemed. I will be competing in the Masters NPC National Show July 2015 in Pittsburgh and going for my Pro-Card.  I could not do it without the help and coaching of Janelle.  Thank you so much Janelle. You are the best and a friend for life!  Here we come Pittsburgh!!!


Before training with Janelle I had reached the limits of my own know-how and knowledge. As soon as our sessions began, results were appearing and my physique was changing. I was receiving guidance from a source that was clearly qualified and of the top level. Not only did Janelle assist me in my everyday routine in the gym, but she also assisted me in my nutrition and lifestyle outside of the gym. Janelle went as far as writing me a detailed diet that went into such great detail as to help me even more. There was never a time when she was unavailable to help me out or answer any questions I had, whether they were about how many carbs I should eat before sleeping or if I should max out on every exercise. Each step of the way Janelle went above her call of duty as a trainer to help me reach my goals.


So where do I begin…. I have been into this “physique” lifestyle for about 4 years now and feel very comfortable with the knowledge I have obtained in achieving my goals that pertain to both looks and health. I was briefed quickly about the physique competitions being that I knew bodybuilding was not my cup of tea. I wanted to try these competitions out but didn’t know where to begin. As in any obstacle we start to overtake, there are many smaller barriers in the way. My personality does not let me take on a challenge without me being 110% committed to it. I decided to get a coach. Janelle made me aware of all those little barriers that I may have stumbled upon and  made sure I steered clear of them. She relieved most of the pressure of all that was petty and made sure I stayed focused on the big picture. Going into the competition, she made sure she addressed everything that I needed to know. Not only was I relieved, but I was more comfortable stepping on stage because of Janelle. She was very honest and detailed. These are two factors that really built my confidence up to finally step up on stage. I cannot even describe the perks of having your coach (maybe I am biased because mine was Janelle) there with you on what seemed to be the most scary, exciting, nervous, anxious moment in my life. Janelle was there anytime I needed her throughout the competition. When I say anytime, it was all the time. Her knowledge and expertise are both from a curiosity of fitness and the experience she personally has.  These two factors really distinguish her from any coach/mentor.  


​Janelle was my figure coach for four months before my first NPC show and I would recommend her services to anyone. She will help you through any struggles and will always be there to motivate you through tough times. With Janelle’s support my dream of competing in a figure competition would not of become a reality. She will provide you with a unique nutrition plan and workout routine to improve your physique so you can succeed. She will also help you with posing which is crucial to prospering in your show. Another highlight is that Janelle will give you a nutrition plan and tell you what you should work on post show which I feel is necessary when competing so you do not lose all your gains during your training. I just want to thank you Janelle for everything you have done for me and cannot wait to compete again!---


I came to Janelle with a goal in mind, that goal was to do my first figure competition.  I had been following a diet and nutrition program that I created.  I had lost some weight but plateaued and was getting nowhere.   Janelle showed me what healthy eating is all about.  Her extensive knowledge about nutrition is really what sky rocketed me through my plateau what I thought was healthy turned out to be the whole reason I hit a brick wall.  I have learned so much from her that I will use in my daily life competing or not. Not only was she my mentor through my entire transformation process, she became my friend.  She was always there for me to answer any questions and concerns that I had.  She truly held my hand every step of the way.   I ended up losing 30lbs and came in show day at 13% BF, I couldn’t have reached that my goals without her knowledge of nutrition and training.  I ended up placing 3rd in my first show!!!  I highly recommend Janelle for show prep.---


As a first time figure competitor, I knew that I needed help with posing. Within the first 10 minuets of working with Janelle, I knew I was in good hands. Janelle knows exactly what the judges are looking for and she is full of confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge. Before I worked with Janelle I was not confident, quite nervous and clumsy, especially walking in those 5-inch heels. From my first posing lesson to my last, Janelle was completely professional and such a great coach with the ability to correct my poses in a manner that made me not only look better but feel confident and bring the poise to the stage that I needed. 

Nicole Borrelli, NPC Figure Competitor

Like most women these days, I have struggled with my weight and have tried various weight loss programs and diets. Some of these weight loss programs and diets worked for the short term but then I would always regain the weight and then some! The culprit to my weight gain- STRESS! (Which I am sure is the culprit for most women). At 213lbs (the heaviest I have ever been) and not fitting in my size 14 clothes, I was desperate to take control of my weight, body and life.  Luckily for me, a colleague from work told me about Janelle Gallo-Riegger’s, a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.  It was time to take care of me, and I had nothing to lose (except much needed weight) so I decided to meet with Janelle and I am so unbelievably happy that I did! In just four short months I have lost over 27lbs, and I feel great!

For me, Janelle’s nutrition plan has worked because she designed a meal plan specifically for me. She incorporated foods that I like to eat into a nutritional plan that will meet my weight loss goals. In addition to the nutritional plan, her weight loss evaluation sessions, every two weeks, are exactly what I need to hold myself accountable and stay on track with my weight loss goals. I always look forward to these sessions because Janelle is such a great listener and she always has nutritional and/or work-out suggestions for me that work and make a huge difference with my weight loss results.


Long story short, Janelle makes weight loss “doable” and works!  The 3pm sugar cravings everyday are now gone! I have more energy, and my moods are more balanced and stable. She instills in you that this is not a diet, but a life style change. She has given me the knowledge and tools to make this a permanent part of my life. I am so unfortunate that I found Janelle!  And so excited to take back my body and health and continue this journey toward a healthy body. Megan McIver

Before I started training with Janelle, I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I would go to the gym, not really knowing what to do, I would just go through the motions. I got to a point where I was sick of feeling hopeless and contacted Janelle. I started with Janelle about a month ago. I was skeptical to start because I have a lot of food allergies that put a restriction on my diet. Now looking back, this was the best decision I have made when it comes to my health and my confidence. Janelle worked with me to create a meal plan and workout plan, to help me achieve my goal. I can safely say that after only a month, I am seeing amazing results and could not be happier. I am more confident and feel comfortable in my own skin. I am looking forward to seeing my continued results as I continue with her meal plan and workout plan. Janelle is always there with any answer to any question that you may have and is there to help you achieve your goal. Thank you so much Janelle, for all that you have done so far and I can’t wait to see what is still to come. By Taylor Knepp

I started working with Janelle back in June when I was feeling very unhappy with my body and wanted to make a change to be healthier and stronger.  I had heard that Janelle was an amazing trainer/dietician to help people reach their fitness goals - and she did just that for me! It took hard work and dedication but if you stick to her customized program, you WILL see results. I am a stronger, better, and happier me now and I have Janelle to thank for helping me get here! 

Melanie Holl

Competing is a VERY selfish sport. You have to eat when its time, you have to devote many hours to the gym, you live your life in an "all about you" sort of way for weeks leading up to your show… But I am a dreamer. We’ve all been given an incredible capacity to achieve continuously, better ourselves, and learn daily. Although this is what I knew in my heart, it wasn’t the way I was living. At that moment I made the decision to take everything to the next level. I found Janelle’s information online, randomly searching on google. I chose her because she has a lot of experience and was near my location. I knew she was the perfect fit for me right away--respectful, positive, always choosing a smart and healthy approach with everything I did along the way, telling me what I needed to improve on when necessary, and always being quick to respond to any questions I had. This was my first time preparing for a figure competition, and I needed all the help I could get. With Janelle’s knowledge of nutrition and exercise, we came further than I was before, but certainly had to experiment a little along the way. She helped me to understand that you need to test things to see how your body reacts, stick with it, and find what works for you, and to ALWAYS bring your best effort and work to the stage, and that’s precisely what I did! She is an inspiration, a coach, a friend, and a great motivator. I can’t wait to bring it back to the stage with her by my side!!!    

-Hannah Cadry, NPC Figure Competitor

Two years ago I started taking a new BC pill to help with migraine headaches and some other issues. The pill helped but over the course of 3 months I had gained about 12-13 lbs. I was at my heaviest ever. Nothing fit. I tried to lose some weight on my own but wasn't disciplined enough. Janelle, who happens to be one of my best friends, offered her help in the area of weight loss and proper nutrition. Over the course of 3-4 months, Jan '15-May '15, I lost 13 pounds and 8% body fat. I had some set backs along the way (sick for almost a month) but I kept losing weight even if I didn't lose fat. Once on track, the weight kept coming off. It was a slow process because of the pill I'm on but I was successful! My clothes fit me better than ever! I'm the same weight I have been for most of my 30's but my clothes fit much looser. I'm currently on maintenance and I still look and feel good. I was also doing a lot of cardio (Zumba Fitness) and was doing Les Mills BodyPump classes 3x a week plus weight machines and free weights to help lose the weight. I am so grateful to Janelle. I now know how to make smarter choices when it comes to good nutrition. I will never forget what she did for me.  

-Joanne Gulino

For many years I have been lifting weights and living a healthy lifestyle. It has been a passion of mine to constantly educate myself and others who are ready to listen about how they to can look and feel great. I was always intrigued by female bodybuilders who had such a strong yet feminine appearance and aura. I always said that I wanted to do a competition but other responsibilities in life always took center stage. In December 2014, at 47 I had finally decided that I was going to take center stage in my life and officially committed to a competition!  Janelle was highly recommended through some friends at my gym, so I gave her a call to set up a meeting and tell her my desire. I was impressed with her experience, knowledge and reputation. She agreed that a figure competition was a good fit for my body style  and that she felt I could do it in 6 months. We decided that the NPC 2015 Long Island Championship was the show to shoot for, and I enrolled in the Women’s Figure, Masters Division.  With that I went for it!  January started my grueling and focused lifestyle of lifting daily and eating every three hours. Janelle was right there with me, supporting, guiding, critiquing and advising me on everything from nutrition to posing. It was a pleasure to work with her and to share such a fantastic experience with her. She became more than just my coach— she became a friend, and we shared many laughs along the way. On May 30th all of my handwork was ready to be showcased; I took center stage, placing 2nd in the Women’s Figure, Masters Division! I am so grateful to have had Janelle as my coach as well as my inspiration. I am looking forward to another competition and, as per Janelle’s advice, I am going to hit the weights for a year and improve my figure, creating the best body possible for myself.  Thank you Janelle for your patience, guidance, support, knowledge, and for helping me believe that this could be a reality. Looking forward to my next experience!  Let’s go for the Metro!!! 

Joan Larsen - NPC Figure Competitor

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