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I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ISSA certified nutritionist as well as a fitness model & state, national, & world bodybuilding champion. This discipline has carried over to my work ethic in working with various clients. I have 22 years experience in the fitness industry. My true passion is to help others be the best versions of themselves through fitness and health. I train people of all levels from beginner-advanced as well as people of all ages. I design customized fitness programs based on your fitness goals. I also develop customized holistic nutrition plans based on your weight, body type, bodyfat percentage, and activity level. There is no one size fits all plan! You need an individual nutritional plan based on your goal whether it is weight loss, muscle building, weight maintenance, or contest preparation. I can help you get to your goal whatever it is but it is not just diet and exercise. It is about changing your mindset. You have to be positive and believe you can reach your goals. Come train with me & you will see! And if you are not nearby, I can also assist you with your fitness goals online. I have helped many people get to their goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle.



There is a program for you and its carefully customized to your lifestyle.




Team G-Physique client, Christine Miles, seeing awesome results from August until now. Only 2lbs difference here in the pics but it’s clearly that she has dropped a lot of fat. This is why you cannot go by scale weight!
Team G-Physique client @buffy_fit 5 weeks into my muscle building program.
G-Physique client, Amanda has been working with me for 10 months & seeing great results! Super proud of her hard work! Total body recomposition in full affect here!
G-Physique client, Randi with much success on my muscle building program! 
Janelle Gallo

Fitness & Health Coach

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